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Hemisphere Magazine Photo Shoot

Hemishperes Inflight Magazine did an article last summer on Urban Beekeeping and highlighted Philadelphia.  They came to one of the We Bee Brother’s Apiary sites and had a photo shoot. The photos were taken by Keliy Anderson-Staley with her famous tintype technique.  She uses an old fashion camera to take the amazing photos featured in the article.  Click on the picture above to view the online article.

If you’d like to view the complete article you can register for Hemisphere’s Emag for FREE.  Just click on the Aug 2010 issue to view the full article with more great photos by Keliy Anderson-Staley.  Check out pages 5 and 62-69 to see the We Bee Brother’s and some friends from the Philly Beekeepers Guild!

Click below to see more We Bee Brother news sightings:





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