Local Philadelphia Beekeeping

The We Bee Brothers are committed to providing the local community with the highest quality raw honey and pollination of the local surroundings.  Beekeeping is spreading in popularity and the brothers are doing their part by providing quality queens and nucs to local beekeepers.  Due to the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and the parasitic mites causing the bee population to be at risk, the We Bee Brothers want to help by making it as easy as possible for those interested in keeping bees to get the supplies they need to do their part.  We recommend that new beekeepers start with the Langstroth medium supers and frames.  For anyone who is not interested in being hands on, you can always donate to the important cause by having a hive established in your honor.  You can also get some honey out of it too!  Contact a brother for more info.


Meet the Brothers of We Bee Brothers


The Founder: Joel Eckel

Education · Public Relations


The Brother: Jeff Eckel

Queen rearing · Nuc Production



The Father: Phil Eckel

Wood Worker Extraordinaire