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1st Swarm of the Season

Spring? Already?!?

Our bees are out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather!

We Bee Brothers in the News

Hemishperes Inflight Magazine did an article last summer on Urban Beekeeping and highlighted Philadelphia.  They came to one of the We Bee Brother’s Apiary sites and had a photo shoot. The photos were taken by Keliy Anderson-Staley with her famous tintype technique.  She uses an old fashion camera to take the amazing photos featured in …

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The We Bee Brother’s checked their hives after a big snow storm that hit Philadelphia. Bee’s appear to be doing just fine.

Swarm Patrol

Swarm Team

See a Swarm?!? Call the Swarm Team! Jeff Eckel: 215-350-7846 Joel Eckel: 215-298-2365 Swarms are removed free of charge and are only collected in the local Philadelphia area.

Meet the Brothers


Joel and Jeff Eckel are urban beekeepers of Philadelphia, PA managing around 25 honeybee colonies.  They have been in the bee business since 2007 and are committed to sustainable beekeeping.  The brothers pride themselves in providing the local community with fresh, raw honey and other hive products such as hand creams, candles and propolis tinctures.