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3 Frame

3 Frame Observation Hive

Looking for a safe way to show off your honey bees to an audience?  This 3 Frame Observation Hive could be just the thing!

It allows you to display bees so that you can observe what happens inside a bee hive.


  • Holds three medium frames
  • Made from lightweight pine wood
  • Nine screened ventilation holes
  • Easy transporting with metal handle
  • Hole for bees to enter and exit the hive  (this can be plugged)
  • Feeding system using a normal Mason jar
  • Two hinged wood framed acrylic doors
  • Cover for doors to keep bees in darkness
– Each hive is made to order so that special requests may be considered –


Unfinished Pine Hive $275
Finished Pine Hive

  • Final sanding
  • Stain of choice
  • 2 coats of polyurethane finish
$50 Extra
Tempered Glass
(instead of standard acrylic doors)
$50 Extra