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4 Frame

4 Frame Observation Hive

This observation hive is designed to be a permanent fixture in an educational facility.  It is modeled after the observation hive in the Museum of Natural History in Philadelphia, PA.  The fixed wooden case with a lockable hinge door holds removable cartridges that contain medium frames.  Cartridge can be removed for maintenance but wooden case is designed to be permanently mounted.


  • Holds four medium frames
  • Made from poplar wood
  • Four screened ventilation holes on both sides
  • Exit and entrance for bees which can be closed off
  • Feeding system holds 2 Mason jar
  • Hive includes one four frame cartridge
  • Cover for doors to keep bees in darkness
  • Tempered glass for viewing on both sides of cartridge
  • Lock with key for case door
– Each hive is made to order so that special requests may be considered –
-Additional cartridge is highly recommended for convenient hive maintenance-


Unfinished Hive $350
Finished Hive

  • Final sanding
  • Stain of choice
  • 2 coats of polyurethane finish
$25 Extra
Additional 4 frame cartridge $150