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Bringing you local Philadelphia honey right from our backyard.



the brothers

Meet the bros behind the bizz, Joel and Jeff Eckel. The Eckel brothers have been beekeeping for the past 16 years. They began in their childhood home backyard and worked alongside their father, a retired wood-shop teacher who has built a lot of their wooden wear equipment and observation hives. The We Bee Brothers are committed to providing the local Philadelphia community with the highest quality raw honey and pollination of the local surroundings. Beekeeping is spreading in popularity and the brothers are doing their part by providing quality queens and nucs to local beekeepers.  We Bee Brothers wants to share their love of beekeeping with the local Philadelphia community and expand their family's love for local honey! Contact a brother for more info. 


what's the buzz

Learn more about our favorite recipes, advice on beekeeping, the process of honey collecting and more! Our blog offers you insight and fun information on the world of our honey. Click the link to read more. 


brothers in the news

You better BEElieve it! Someone call the paper We Bee Brothers is famous! We've been oh so fortunate to get some local coverage for our awesome honey. But don't take our word for it, check it out!

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